3 Ways to Wear Men’s Watches This Year

You have probably figured out the best look to pair your watch with but you can’t possibly rock the same style every day. We have some inspiration for you in this post, presenting different ways to wear your watch this year.
Office Wear
For all formal outfits, the key to success is the ‘simpler the better’. You don’t want to show up at a charity ball with a distracting timepiece throwing your whole outfit off balance. Don’t ever go for a digital watch or one that has a face bigger than 42mm with too much drama on the dial. Go instead for our Silver Knightsbridge watch, a classic watch for a classic man. This will complement a full tuxedo outfit for a wedding or a grey two-piece for a formal meeting with an important client. This watch features a white dial with simple roman numeral format and silver accents. When you put on your best suit, keep the buckle of your belt silver along with any other metals like your cuff links. Finish the look off with black leather shoes and you will be turning eyes all day long.
Smart Casual
This look is perfect for formal meetings and casual events as well. A light blazer over an unbuttoned shirt will allow you to go straight from lunch with a friend to an office meeting without feeling out of place. Our Blue Knightsbridge men’s watch is the ultimate timepiece to bring this look together. This watch has a royal blue leather strap with a matching dial to introduce the right amount of color into the mix. The rich blue color is properly complemented by the silver contrast of the lug, case, hour marks, buckle and hands of the watch. This watch stands out on its own and does a great job of tying your look together.
Wear this watch with a dark jacket, white collared shirt and neutral pants as modelled above. The dark blue and silver tone of this watch will pair nicely with almost any formal outfit and is a versatile option for any event.

If you are one for a very relaxed casual look, our Black Mayfair men’s watch will do wonders to compliment your outfit. This all black watch and its sleek, stealthy nature will add character to the most casual look. The red second hand on this watch adds the necessary pop of color and vibrancy to finish off any casual look.
Wear this Black Mayfair Timepiece with a plain white or soft colored t-shirt and throw on your favorite lightweight jacket. Pick out a black zip-up hoodie like our model or go for any other dark colored casual jacket to really complete the outfit. You are good to go on that adventure or chill out with your friends all afternoon with this look.
If you are having trouble pairing your special timepiece with the right outfit this year, you have hit the jackpot of answers with our guide. Check out the outfits, styled by our model, for some inspiration on achieving the right look for every event. 
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