3 Ways to Wear Men’s Watches in 2018

These days, a lot of people don’t believe we need watches anymore. Honestly, that was me a few years back also but I’m here to tell you the truth now. If you think your phone replaces your watch as a timepiece, you are wrong! You need both of them for their different functions. A watch is not just meant to tell time, it sums up your outfit even when you aren’t trying hard to look good.

Trends and fashion will come and go but a trendy timepiece will always remain. The different types, colors, sizes and shapes of watches available will always go well with a mans outfit. Now who doesn’t want to have that accessory ready to go at all times?

There are only a few things more attractive than a man with a good watch. You can go ahead and have your opinion on that, I’m sticking to mine. Let’s move on to the question that matters, what watches should you be wearing and how can you style them in 2017? Let us examine three key styles and the kind of timepiece that goes with them. 


This is the kind of style for a modern businessman. Think sophisticated, elegant, polished, classic, cultured and smart. This kind of man is always dressed in a suit and tie or a buttoned shirt and dress pants. You will never catch him in anything but the best and when you come close, he’s wearing a top quality perfume.

What kind of watch does he need? An equally classic watch that is timeless and smart. We have two of such perfect examples. The Silver Mayfair and the Silver Knightsbridge. What you get is a classic white dial and black leather strap with silver accents. The Mayfair is much simpler than the Knightsbridge so you can pick between classic simple and classic modern.



This style suits the man that dabbles between the serious business suit look and the more relaxed polo shirt and sweatpants look. This man will go for brighter colors and metals to match his sporty outfits and still go well with the smart ones. This watch is masculine, stylish, edgy, trendy and active.

This is exactly what our Rose Gold Knightsbridge was made for. That spark of color that stands out without being overwhelming. The deep brown leather strap and rose gold accents on this watch say it all. For the man that still wants a casual watch with less bold colors, our Gold Mayfair will do the trick. The neutral leather strap and gold accents on a white face strike the balance between trendy and laid back.


This watch is for the man with a sense of swagger. You want to have a sturdy timepiece to follow you on all your endeavors, serving as a functional and yet stylish piece. Our Black Mayfair achieves the fashionable look with an all black body and pop of red on the second hand. The Blue Knightsbridge will work just fine for the man that doesn’t want to go so dark.

Men who go for this option like to appreciate the subtle beauty of life. They love good food, great music, have wonderful style, know how to put an outfit together and are calm as well as chic.

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