Hey Man! Why Should I Wear a Watch?


Have you ever had to ask yourself this question as a man? Maybe not in those exact words, but have you ever wondered why you should even wear a watch in the first place? You always hear people say you ought to buy a good watch and make it part of your wardrobe but why exactly?


First and foremost, a mans watch spells out his personality. Many men like to wear watches because it adds to the quality of their style while others wear it to supplement their outfit. Whatever the reason, you are going to feel more complete with a quality timepiece on your wrist.


Back to the origin


Let’s take the importance of a watch back to where it all began, the cultured early years of civilization. Back then, it was common place for elitists and government officials to spend a lot of money on their timepieces. In those days, this signaled a real man and it still does in this present time and age. From the classic pocket watches of old to high quality modern watches like our Silver Mayfair, a true man will wear a timepiece because he values time. We didn’t make up the rules!

Don’t let women enjoy it alone


How does a man express his sense of fashion? It’s through watches. Women have all sorts of accessories from earrings to necklaces and everything in between. They even wear watches too. No matter the occasion or location, a great timepiece will set the style standard for a man.


Many still believe you can see a man’s character by the type of watch he wears and that is still true. Style and fashion is a reflection of what is inside so a man who wears a watch is expressing his inner self out for the world to see. Our Rose Gold Knightsbridge is a real expression of character, class and boldness. This will double as a stunning piece of jewelry and a classic timepiece for all seasons.




Your private concierge


When you wear your watch for some time, it will start to feel like a part of you. You will remember fond memories of getting your watch, how it helped you out in many situations and how people have complemented your look because of it. Apart from becoming an expression of your character and functioning as a time keeper, your watch also keeps memories.

That same watch will give your outfits an upgrade even when you don’t try too hard. From a three-piece-suit to t-shirt and jeans, your watch can complement your look and make it all look great.

A watch like our Blue Knightsbridge will give you the edge you need without looking too cumbersome or outrageous. It will also provide functionality in different environments since it is built to last and even water resistant.


More bonuses


A watch has so many benefits tied to it. When you are knee deep in a project at the office and don’t want distraction, our Gold Mayfair will do a nice job of clearly showing you the time so you don’t have to check your mobile phone and get distracted with all the activity there. At the same time it will allow you to blend in to the office environment without something too bold on your wrist.

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