How to Choose the Right Watch for Your Unique Style

The watch you wear should be considered carefully as it is a key investment for every man. Different characteristics should be considered before choosing, including your personal taste. You will have a relationship with your choice for years so you should review your unique taste instead of other people’s preferences and the happening trend. Here are some pointers for choosing the right watch for your own style.

Formal Wear

Primarily, it is vital to keep in mind that a single watch might not cover every occasion. You should think about getting a formal watch and another one for the everyday casual style. This course of action is very important for men. Imagine you are at one of those orthodox tuxedo style events and you notice this very well-dressed man with a perfectly tailored suit that fits nicely. He looks great in general but as your gaze lingers to admire some more you notice a flaw. This well-dressed gentleman is sporting a rubber strapped Sekonda watch that immediately degrades his once perfect look.

For a durable, formal timepiece alternative, our Silver Mayfair is a flawless decision that can work further bolstering your good fortune. It does the tuxedo justice and makes you’re wrist standout from a distant.

Day-to-day wear

Your everyday watch should mirror your unique style and this does not have to be simple or dull. If you are into flashy colours and styles of that nature, our Blue Knightsbridge with blue design and silver accents might just be perfect for you. Such a watch will embody your unique style and compliment it in some way.

Other may favour a more traditional and simple look with a minimal expression in colour statements and neat lines. Our Silver Knightsbridge is an ideal traditional watch with standard black and white on the face, strap and colour case of the watch. The well-aligned sword and shield emblem with large Roman numerals keeps things looking stylish but simple.

Conservatives might lean more towards a more classical design similar to what was in fashion when gentlemen sported pocket watches. You can still catch a glimpse of that 19th century in today's modern style. For the conservative, our Gold Mayfair would be the best possible choice.

A good daytime and evening choice for men is our Rose Gold Knightsbridge. The combination of neutral coloured strap and rose gold case makes it suitable for casual and formal occasions alike. A strongly recommended style that will compliment your choice of fashion.

As with other elements, colours can go out of fashion quickly so this should be properly considered. Avoid following current colour trends and go for your personal taste if you want a watch that will serve for years. A timeless piece requires simplicity not an eccentric design with daring colours. If you want to invest in a short-term piece that is trendy, go ahead and choose a bold look if it pleases you. But a timeless look will require classic designs and colours as the backbone. Our Black Mayfair is an example of a traditional piece that is simple  yet fashionable.


Finally, style of the strap should be considered in selecting your unique watch. Metal, leather and fabric straps all have their advantages, but leather options tend to look more expensive and outlast fabric and metal straps. Your style of choice will be the deal maker in choosing the right strap for you.

Thoroughly examine your taste in choosing the right watch for you but also review your needs and the amount of time you want to be wearing your watch for. You can look through our range of watches to get your unique watch.

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