How to Maintain Your Watch


You definitely want to get value for your money when you buy a luxurious watch. Our exceptional watches are built to last for ages, but like anything else, the lifespan of your watch will greatly increase with proper care and maintenance. Although maintenance is very important, it is not that much of a task so you should seriously consider giving it your best. Here are some tips to follow in maintaining your watch and ensuring an extended lifespan.


Go through the maintenance manual

Now, this is a common error and a very big one at that, but the fact is that many watch owners don’t pay attention to their manuals. Not reading your watch maintenance manual will be a huge mistake on your path so don’t discard this important material. In that manual, you will find step by step instructions on how to maintain your watch with appropriate tips for your very model.


Clean frequently

Regularly cleaning your watch is important. Unlike what a lot of people may think, this chore is quite easy and fast to complete. The face and strap of your watch will be cleaned separately. Every timepiece is different so cleaning the Silver Mayfair  with its simple look and silver accents will be quite different from the cleaning procedure for the Rose Gold Knightsbridge  that has gold accents and a colorful leather strap. Get some mild dish detergent and warm water then use this with a soft bristle brush to clean the face of the watch by rubbing gently. Do not scrub or press down vigorously. Wipe off the strap with the same mixture to remove dirt and bad odor then dry and buff it with a clean cloth.


Keep to a service schedule

No matter what kind of watch you own, we recommend you get it services at an interval of at least 3 years. Keeping to this service schedule will do wonders for the longevity of your watch as it ensures everything is alright with your timepiece. 


Test for water resistance

Just like the Black Mayfair, every water resistant watch should undergo a water resistant test. This watch has 3ATM water resistance which means it is splash resistant, is alright with rain, hand washing and other short periodic contact with water.  This test should be administered annually and by a sanctioned watchmaker too. However, as an extra tip, water resistant watches like the Black Mayfair with a leather strap should be treated with care as exposure to water could weaken the strap.

Keep away from magnets

Magnets are a no-no for your timepiece. Magnetic fields can interrupt the settings on a watch so keeping away from them while you sport your luxury watch is for the best. You want that timepiece to have a long life and function properly throughout its existence and this is one of the ways to ensure that happens.


Keep away from sunlight and harsh temperatures

We also recommend you keep your Knight Timepiece watch out of the sunlight for its safety. Prolonged exposure to the rays of the sun could fade the colour of your beautiful watch. This is even more accurate for leather strap watches like our Blue Knightsbridge. Excessive heat can also reduce the battery life of your watch. Take more care as to what weather conditions you expose your timepiece too.

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