How to Start a Watch Collection: A Gentleman’s Guide


Everyone knows that a perfect gentleman values time. And that is represented by the presence of a watch every time he dresses up. When you value watches and start to wear them regularly, it will take little time for you to realize that you should start a watch collection.


This process should be handled with care. Every man needs to carefully carry out his research before buying his first timepiece. Personal style and available options are the core of this entire process, and they need to be properly understood before any decisions are made.


Another big factor to consider when buying watches is money. If you are willing to spend over $5,000 on a watch, you will know it is investment grade but there are many classic watches you can add to your collection for far less. Our Silver Mayfair watch is the perfect example. This classic watch is timeless in style and will be an invaluable addition to any watch collection since it can complement formal wear and still be used to dress down for every day wear. No matter what you do, make sure you choose a watch you really like.


Watch movement


Another decision you will have to settle on is the type of watch movement. Between manual, automatic and quartz watch movement, there are different factors to consider before choosing any. The Japanese Miyota movement on our Blue Knightsbridge, and other watches, is a great choice for watch movement. With this, you have accurate time and a perfectly functional watch that will stand the test of time.


Keep it simple


We know you want to dress to impress but every watch in your collection should be restrained and simple. When we say simple, it doesn’t mean you cannot wear a $10,000 watch, it means don’t select a watch that is over iced, over sized or over styled. If the cuff of your shirt cannot fit over the watch, it is too big and too much. That kind of watch will take attention from your good-looking face and stunning outfit, that is not what you want at all.




When building your watch collection, it is a good idea to consider newer modern watches that vintage watches. Vintage pieces are from another time and although they are made to last, you might be replacing parts very often and you’ll need expensive servicing too.

You can choose a reliable, fashionable watch with modern features you can enjoy. Our Rose Gold Knightsbridge is a good option for the stylish man that want a modern yet classic look. The deep red strap and rose gold accents provides excellent style and it is very reliable.

Take care of your watch


It is also extremely important to take good care of your watches. Building a collection will become very difficult if you don’t take care of your watches and keep loosing pieces. Keep your watch away from magnets and extreme temperatures. After every wear, you can take some time out to clean fingerprints and smudging on your watch. Deep cleaning should also be done periodically to remove stubborn dirt. Allow a professional to handle the job so you don’t damage anything. You can invest in a watch case with different compartments to store your collection. This will keep them away from dust and dirt and also reduce risk of scratching. After a while, your watch will scratch a little but you can have it professionally refinished so it looks new again. Also, don’t neglect servicing. Especially in the case of vintage and high end watches, take your watch back to the manufacturer or a professional to have it serviced regularly.

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