The key factors to consider when finding a dress watch are classiness and simplicity. It is vital to choose a dress watch that will remain in fashion for many years to come and will always give you that smart and everlasting look. A dress watch should complement many styles, from wedding parties and dinner dates to job interviews and the workplace.

Purchasing a quality dress watch will help you make a statement as soon as you arrive at any given occasion. Below are a few tips to picking out a dress watch to make a powerful first impression:   


Pick a trustworthy brand 

Since this timepiece will be a long lasting purchase, it is very important to buy from a trustworthy brand. At Knight Timepiece, our watches are created to last long, and we produce a range of classy styles which will stay in fashion for the years to come.


Stick to a classic style

Choosing a classic and conservative design ensures that your timepiece will maintain its stand in the future. A style like this doesn’t ever go out of trend and will ensure that you always stay on top with your outfit. You want to stay away from a timepiece which is too flashy and loud, instead you want something that compliments your style modestly. This is certainly true when you are going for an interview or out for dinner. You should want the focus to be on you and not your wrist, but at the same time you want what is on your wrist to enhance your overall style. This can be done without dominating your outfit, with a classic face and sized watch.


Size matters 

The watch market is currently being flooded by quite a few bigger and chunkier cases. This is quite a new trend and will most likely go out of fashion. However, choosing a more classic case size will ensure that it lasts longer and will always sit snug under the sleeve of your shirt or coat. A rough guideline would be to aim for watches that are between 38-42mm in diameter and less than or equal to 10mm in thickness.


Choosing the right colours

Choosing the correct colour combination isn’t always the easiest, but we’d like to give you a few tips on how you can really get this right:

A black strap always works well with black shoes and a black belt. If you have a black wallet, then this will help too. Similarly, a brown strap watch goes very well when you wear a brown belt and brown shoes. If you are a fan of the colour blue and wear a lot of blue coloured clothes/suits then a blue faced watch will neatly compliment this look.

If we apply the tips above, we can help you choose a great dress watch to match your style: 



If you’re searching for a watch to go with a brown belt or brown shoes then our KTPM103 is a perfect choice. It has a genuine aged brown leather strap with an ultra-thin watch case (7.4mm). The white face of the watch exudes effortless class, whilst the gold details on the hands and hour marks gives the watch a bit of personality.




Alternatively, you may like to go for a brown watch with a busier dial. In this case, we would recommend going for the KTPM113. The brown colour of this watch is a slightly darker one and has a mahogany look to it. The rose gold watch case and dial compliment the darker strap, whilst the slightly thicker case gives the watch more height on the wrist. This option has a more detailed feel.


If you are a person who favours silver over gold, then look no further and shop our KTPM102. The black and silver combination of this watch is a perfect choice. The minimalist piece displays elegance and class like no other. What makes this classic style so great is the colour combination. As we all know, black is back in fashion and you can hardly ever go wrong with it. This is certainly an every day timepiece but can also go brilliantly with a smart white shirt and black tie – a brilliant timepiece for a black tie event.



Alternatively you may like to go for the KTPM102’s busier counterpart, the KTPM111. There is slightly less silver and more black on this timepiece and one could say this brings out a little more detail on the watch itself. The watches dial has its own unique second hand which sits slightly under the midpoint of the dial – a conversation starter over dinner.


If you’re somebody who has a more vibrant and colourful wardrobe especially one with a taste for blue, then look no further at the KTPM112. This watches dial is definitely a favourite. The deep blue dial works effortlessly with the polished silver case of the watch. You will not find many watches with a blue sun-ray effect on the dial that compliments a blue suit (navy/light) so effortlessly like this. A perfect choice for somebody who has been called for an interview in the city and chooses to wear a blue suit.  



If you are looking for a dress watch with a bit more oomph that will go with a black outfit, then you should definitely go for the KTPM101. This watch has the all black effect but with a hint of red, which gives it a fiery look whilst maintaining its stealth concept. You’ll receive many compliments on this one.


Picking the right dress watch doesn’t have to be so difficult, especially with a bit of guidance from us. At Knight Timepiece we believe all of our watches fall under the category of a quality mens ‘dress watch’. Browse our store now and choose a dress watch suited to your needs. Shop Now.

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