The Ultimate Gift Guide to Men’s Watches
As if you did not have to deal with enough gift shopping this year, Christmas is just around the corner and its time to start scouring your mind to land the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Every father, brother, son and even your male colleagues, deserve a nice present for the coming festive period. You are right if you’re thinking a luxury timepiece will be the perfect gift for that but because there are so many options, you will probably be wondering how to make the right pick. Knight Timepiece has come to the rescue for you with this ultimate guide. You will definitely find the best watch gifts for your male family and friends.
The watch you can dress up and dress down – Silver Mayfair and Silver Knightsbridge 
Our Silver Mayfair is a timeless luxury watch you can dress up a serious outfit with and also use to dress down a casual look. This classic everyday watch goes well with any outfit and can be the perfect choice for night-time events. Keeping it simple with a black strap and a white face adorned with silver designs.
The Silver Knightsbridge is another perfect choice for this category. This watch has similar colors as the former but has black roman numerals. The leather straps on these classic timepieces give off a rich and elegant look. Any fashion conscious man will absolutely love this gift and might even start wearing it immediately.
The sophisticated matchmaker – Gold Mayfair  and Blue Knightsbridge 
Any man who is interested in dressing to impress will absolutely love our Gold Mayfair. The sophisticated look and neutral color of this watch gives it the ability to pair easily and compliment a formal outfit. The classic brown color and beautiful gold accents were designed for the present day gentleman to enjoy.
For those who prefer a darker tone, the Blue Knightsbridge is quite the pick. From an office to a social event, people will admire a man who wears this watch because of the statement it makes. The rich blue strap and face with silver accents carries an air of pure sophistication and high class. The water resistant watch with Japanese Miyota movement is a fine choice.
The bold rose gold – Rose Gold Knightsbridge
Now if you want a little more action in your gift for an equally active man, go for something that is rich, bright and trendy like our Rose Gold Knightsbridge. This timepiece can be spotted from afar off with its white face, shiny rose gold accents with matching roman numerals on the face and an attractive leather band. This is a stylish and reliable watch with grand craftsmanship. A truly bold watch to match a bold man.
Rose Gold Knightsbridge Watch Leaves
The low key watch – Black Mayfair 
For the man that wants to draw attention without pulling off an eye-catching move like the bold rose gold watch, our low key Black Mayfair is here to save the day. The all-black design of this watch is trendy and always in fashion. This will suit a stylish man for day and night-time events alike. This will be the gift he cherishes for ages to come as it will stand the test of time while keeping its subtle commanding style to impress every time.
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