Wear Your Watch with Style: A Man’s Guide to Casual and Formal Watches

Imagine this scenario; a man went in for the interview of his dream job. He is prepared, optimistic and very well-dressed. The interviewer asks him for the time and just like the next scene of a bad movie, he lifts his hand to reveal a digital timepiece with a rubber strap. And just like that the interview is a bust.


That story might be exaggerated, but the fact remains that there is a right and a wrong way to wear a watch. People notice little details and those small elements make a big difference. The ideal watch should be a good accessory to be seen but subtle enough not to be distracting. This guide on how you can wear your watch with style will help you make the right choice for a timepiece in every situation.


Choosing the right watch: important details

The choices for a watch are so vast that the only limits are taste and budget. This can make the selection process difficult for a man with no knowledge about watches. Some choices are based on function while others have to do with style, but these are the major decisions you must make when choosing a watch.


  • Many watches or one watch

If you are planning on one watch it must be neutral in style so you can pair it at any ceremony and with any color of outfit. Our Silver Mayfair is an excellent choice because of the classic black, white and silver color combination. If you are going for more than one watch, add a colorful piece like the Rose Gold Knightsbridge so you have a vibrant alternative. With a mahogany brown strap and rose gold accents, this watch pairs well for a bold look.

  • Dial and case style

Go for a metal case that stands out like our Gold Mayfair with its gold plated case, lug, crown and buckle that offers style combined with functionality. Plain dials are common but you can choose a statement like the royal blue face of our Blue Knightsbridge for a sophisticated choice that stands out. These decisions rely heavily on personal preference but bolder options are less formal.

  • Watch hands movement

From mechanical to automatic and electronic watch movements, there are different options that work in different ways. The Japanese Miyota movement of the Black Mayfair is accurate and self powering providing a good option that will last long. The movement also serves as a status statement of its own adding class to your look.

Which watch should you purchase?

A bulk of the answer to this puzzle rests on your taste but if this is your first time purchase and you want to pair it with different outfits, you should consider these tips: 

  • Not many watches will agree with every single outfit. Consider getting two watches to really cover your wardrobe.
  • Leather straps are natural and dressier.
  • The color of your leather strap should match all other leathers you wear, which include shoes, belt and wallet.
  • Brighter colored watches with busier dials, numbers and more contrast are not so dressy.
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