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Knight Timepiece combines British History with contemporary fashion to create a selection of unique, affordable and classic gentleman's wristwatches. Designed in the heart of the UK, it was founded by a team of London-based fashion bloggers who strongly believe that you don’t have to break the bank to look good.

highest quality

They realised how crucial a timepiece is to the completion of a man’s outfit and decided to use their knowledge and experience in fashion to create a watch for daily wear. A project 12 months in the making, combining the highest quality materials sourced from around the globe with the minds of several passionate watch enthusiasts, has led to the birth of this British brand. The ultra-thin sleek design reflects contemporary influences, while the simplistic face maintains the classic traditions that define its heritage.

Direct To YOu

Watchmaking began as a British trade and we wanted to bring it back to its roots. As a self-funded independent company we aim to disrupt the status quo by cutting out the middle-men and bringing luxury U.K. designed timepieces directly to you! By removing retailers and distributors from the equation, we are able to design the quality watches you require at the low prices you need:


As our supply chain revolves around our customers, we will constantly strive to bring you the most fashion forward timepieces. The lack of barriers will allow you to voice your opinion on what you think we should do next. So we invite you to send us an email with any ideas you have for our next range of watches. We are always listening.


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